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Affordable Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

Are you sure you should be searching for affordable carpet cleaning in Tampa FL? You could be search for amazing carpet cleaning, or the best carpet cleaning in Tampa FL. Look, I know when it comes to carpet cleaning no one wants to pay a lot for it. Let's face it carpet is not trendy compared to the beautiful hard wood or stone floors that are on the market right now, and it's a nuisance to have them cleaned. But, you should know that carpet is still the healthiest floor covering for your home and the cheapest to maintain.

How is it healthy? Carpet fibers act like a giant filter for your home. All the particulate matter floating around your home eventually falls to the floor. If you have tile or wood flooring all that dust, or sand if you live in Tampa FL, sits on the surface waiting to be cleaned up. When you walk through the room it gets sent flying back into your breathing zone. I know you sweep your floor regularly so you don't have dust or sand sitting on the floor for very long, but how often do you really sweep the floor? Nightly? Every other day? Weekly? For each one of us it's different, but carpet traps all the particulate matter floating in your home. It stays there even as you walk through the room. Once it's in the carpet it's there. So does that make carpet dirtier than tile or wood flooring?

Here's a good test for you. sweep your tile or wood floor. Then vacuum the carpet next to it. Now take a damp white towel and wipe it across your hard flooring. Flip the towel over and wipe your carpet the same way. Which side is dirtier? I bet dollars to doughnuts the carpet side is cleaner. There is no shame in looking for a more affordable carpet cleaning service, just make sure their a good one too.

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