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Affordable Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL


Good carpet cleaning in Tampa FL doesn't need to be crazy expensive. That doesn't mean you should go with the $10 a room steam cleaner, or the $50.00 whole house carpet cleaning. You should probably look for a good balanced affordable carpet cleaner in your area.

Most carpet spots and stains can be removed with a good ole fashioned steam cleaning, but be careful of a steam cleaner that uses high pressure to clean carpets. I always recommend to ask potential cleaners a few simple questions to ensure they have whats needed to perform an effective carpet cleaning.  

1) Ask if they need to hook up to a water source during the cleaning? This usually means that they are going top use more water while cleaning than they can store on the van. In other words they are about to soak the carpet pretty good.

2) Ask them what PSI they use while cleaning? PSI stands for pressure per square inch and refers to how much pressure is going to be applied to the carpet during cleaning.  The more pressure the longer the dry time.

3) Ask them if pre-vacuuming and pre-spraying are included in the pricing? If they say no then they are only going to use water to clean your carpet and it wont be a very effective cleaning.

At Chem-Dry of Tampa FL we charge $40.00 a room to clean carpet.  That is an all inclusive price that covers all the essentials for a solid affordable carpet cleaning.  

For affordable carpet cleaning in Tampa FL Call Chem-Dry of Tampa.