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Area Rug Cleaning Tampa FL

This video shows the final stages of an area rug cleaning by Chem-Dry of Tampa FL. The wool rug is dried upside down with an air mover tucked underneath it as a precautionary measure. The air flow underneath will allow the upside down rug to wick extra moisture to the back of the rug where any color migration wont be noticed.

In area rug cleaning the drying process can cause damage to the rug. If a rug has loose dyes and is hung up to dry those dyes can migrate to other areas damaging the look and value of the rug.

This wool rug was was soaked during a condo flood in Tampa FL. The rug was on a wood parquet floor so it was rolled up and taken to our location for area rug cleaning and drying. The rug technician carried the rug down on his shoulder while a stream of water poured out the back of the rug.

The rug was rolled out and quickly extracted while the van dried out. After several gallons of water were extracted the rug was cleaned on both sides. The final step was shown in the video above. The area rug is being dried quickly in a manner that protects it from any possible damage.

If your area rug gets flooded or heavily soaked keep it flat and lay it upside down to make sure the colors stay in place.  Then call a professional area rug cleaner who can extract water damaged or heavily flooded material.

For area rug cleaning in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.