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Area Rug Cleaning Tampa FL

I love watching these types of videos on youtube. A lot of the time I have to laugh out loud because people have no real experience with what they are showing you.  For example, this area rug cleaning video is crazy.  I'm a professional rug cleaner in Tampa FL and I have cleaned hundreds of Flokati rugs. Let first say that Rachel is not holding or washing a Flokati rug. a Flokati rug is wool in fiber and in backing material.  Rachel is holding a synthetic rug with a jute backing.  The rug she is washing is a simple house rug that cannot be damaged by an oxygen bleach like Oxyclean.

I would not recommend cleaning a true Flokati rug with an oxygen bleach. It could easily destroy the rug by oxidizing the wool and turning it yellow. You can also damage the weave by putting it in a washing machine.  So basically she is doing everything you shouldn't do to clean a true wool Flokati rug.

If you have a fine wool rug that is starting to look a little dingy in some areas.  I don't recommend in home area rug cleaning.  Call a local area rug cleaner and see if they have experience with your type of rug. A have a lot of customers in Tampa FL who have had bed rug cleanings done in home because they didn't call a professional rug cleaner and their rug was permanently damaged.  Take the time to do some research and ask some questions before trusting your rug to an in home cleaner. 

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