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Area Rug Cleaning Tampa FL

One of our Tampa FL customers has an area rug that his dog had taken ownership of.  The dog sleeps on it all the time and as you can see from the picture on the left the area rug is covered in light colored dog hair. Even with regular vacuuming dog hair can accumulate on rugs, furniture and carpet. Hair is difficult to remove because it has cuticles along the follicle shaft. These cuticles are little ridges that easily hook onto fibers. If hairs actually penetrate the surface material the cuticle ridges act like a wedge and make it difficult for the hair to be removed.  If you've ever tried to vacuum pet hair off your sofa and there are always a few that just wont budge. Those hairs are wedged in to the fibers and have to be brushed out with some force so they will release.

For this area rug cleaning I used an air power turbo brush that brushes the surface and vacuums out the hair at the same time.  It's a great way to remove pet hair from rugs but you have to be patient and go over it several times to remove all the hair. Even after a good power brushing a deep area rug cleaning was needed to remove some of the more stubborn follicles. Pet hair and odors are a major issue for rug owners in Tampa FL. Professional rug cleanings should be done annually to keep rugs in good condition. The picture on the right shows the end result of this rug cleaning. The rug is clean and free from dog hair.

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