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Area Rug Cleaning Tampa FL

I've been cleaning area rugs for several years in Tampa FL. This video shows some excerpts from some area rug cleanings that seem to show how well they are cleaning their rugs but there are a couple things they are doing that can cause damage to rugs.  So be careful who you let clean your rug, especially if they are cleaning them off site. 

The first rug they show in the video is a tufted rug. This means the rug fiber are glued in place by a machine. The adhesive can be damaged by applying too much water to the rug.  Tufted rugs like that one in the video should not be soaked through, or blasted with a high pressure rinse. They can be flushed and extracted with a subsurface cleaning tool but I would not recommend pouring buckets of water on the backing or the facing side of a tufted rug.

The last rug they show a steamer being applied to the surface of the rug.  I'm not sure why they would need to apply steam to the facing side of a rug.  I can tell you that natural fibers, like wool and silk do not react well to high temperatures. There are a few occasions when steam could be applied to  a natural fiber rug but not they way they are doing it in this video.

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