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Avoid Bad Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

In this video the "professional" carpet cleaner says that the customer did not want to pay for extra urine treatments or deodorizers to help with the urine deposits in the carpet. So his solution to handle the urine deposits was to turn up the PSI, or pressure, on his carpet cleaning equipment.  Anytime a carpet cleaner tells you that he has to turn up the pressure to compensate for the condition of your carpet he's not a good carpet cleaner. Anytime a carpet cleaner says that there will be carpet fiber distortion from his cleaning, he's telling you he is about to damage your carpet.  

From the first cleaning pass in the video your can see the pressure is too high and the carpet pattern is changed.  This can lead to rolling, bending, and or corn rowing of the carpet fibers. Avoid bad carpet cleaners in Tampa FL by asking this simple question:

Does your cleaning process alter the carpet fiber in any way?

You're simply asking if the carpet cleaning process damages the carpet fiber. If your carpet cleaner says yes it's time to get a new carpet cleaner.  This video shows a carpet cleaner who thinks he is doing an added service for his customer but is actually damaging the carpet in the process.  He knows he's damaging the carpet but he has justified it by saying that's all they would pay for.  

Customers should be aware that there carpet can be damaged by excessive PSI and harsh chemicals.

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