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Best Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

This video shows a comparison of the best carpet cleaning machines for home use. The Kirby is kind of an albatross in this line up of carpet cleaning machines, since it uses a dry foam cleaning method that requires a post vacuum.  I have used some of these machines in my own Tampa FL home before I became a professional carpet cleaner using professional cleaning equipment.

These machines are all comparable in how they clean carpet and they one factor that is not compared is the different solutions that are used in each machine. To truly determine which is the best carpet cleaning machine a standardized cleaning solution should be used in all of the tested carpet cleaners to see which machine is the most effective cleaner.  

Another aspect of the these machines that is not compared in this video are the dry times after the cleaning or the moisture levels of each machine. Which one had the fastest dry times after cleaning can determine how long the cleaning lasts.  In areas where there is higher humidity, like Tampa FL, dry times can take a lot longer so it's important minimize moisture when cleaning.  

If your in the market to buy a carpet cleaning machine then this video covers some important aspects of these residential carpet cleaning machines. As a professional carpet cleaner I recommend have a carpet cleaning machine to help maintain your carpets between professional cleanings.  

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