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Can Area Rugs Be Cleaning At Home Tampa FL

As a Tampa FL rug cleaner I get  this question a lot, Can area rugs be cleaned at home? The answer is yes.  I have cleaned thousands of area rugs in peoples homes.  Most area rugs get soiled from general traffic as people traverse across them during their normal daily routine. Those area rugs are not unusually dirty and general topical cleaning will do wonders for it.  

Whether it's synthetic or natural fibers almost any type of area rug can be cleaned in the home. There are exceptions to this rule.  Some rugs might require a deeper pass through cleaning that involves submerging the rug and passing solution through the rug to remove tough soils or biological material.  These are more serious dramatic cleanings that require specialized cleaning equipment that cannot be duplicated at home.  

Here in Tampa FL we have a lot of humidity, especially during the winter months.  That can slow down the drying process for area rugs, but not in a way that puts them at risk. Area rug cleanings at home take between 2-4 hours to dry depending on several factors. It's not and exceptionally long time and is not in any damaging to the rug. Area rugs can safely and effectively be cleaned in the home and should be done on an annual basis to help maintain the rug.

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