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Car Upholstery Cleaning Tampa FL

This video shows you how to use a LA's Totally Awesome cleaner for car upholstery cleaning.  As an upholstery cleaner in Tampa FL I cannot recommend this product because they do not list there ingredients fully.  The only ingredient listed on their bottle is 2- butoxyethenal a very powerful surfactant used in a lot of commercial applications.  

Surfactants are what makes soaps and detergents powerful cleaners.  At the same time they also attract a lot of soils after cleaning.  I must admit that this video is impressive. It's quite soothing to see it emulsify the soil in the car seat. I would be interested to see how soiled the car upholstery getys after it has dried.

The other thing that about this car upholstery cleaning is how wet he's getting the upholstery and how wet it will be after he pressure washes it.  Soaking upholstered furniture can lead to some hidden issues that can cause problems down the line.  One problem with over wetting is all the metal that is embedded in the car seat itself.  There is a lot of metal holding that car seat together. It makes me wonder how much rusting is going to occur even after it's dried out.  

I've professionally cleaned a lot of car upholstery and one of the bigger issues is that they don't dry out quickly. I use a low moisture cleaning system when cleaning upholstery to insure that it will dry out quickly.  I recommend calling a professional for care upholstery cleaning.

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