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Carbonated Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

If your thinking of getting your carpet cleaned try carbonated carpet cleaning. Cleaning with a carbonated solution is non toxic, non pollutant, and is a very powerful cleaner.  I'm a Chem-Dry carpet cleaning technician in Tampa FL and I can tell you that the carbonated solution that we use to clean carpets is amazing. with very little effort and it removes stubborn stains that other cleaners assumed were permanent. 

Carbonation works so well because carbon dioxide easily dissolves in water. It's completely water soluble and rapidly releases from the water as well. It's this rapid release of carbon dioxide that gives Chem-Dry's cleaning solution such power. Chem-Dry has not only found a way to harness this explosive release of bubbles, they've also patented a way to make it release at high temperature to improve its cleaning power. That's why their cleaning system is called hot carbonated extraction, and they're the only ones who offer it.

So what are the benefits of carbonated carpet cleaning? I've already mentioned the first, extremely powerful cleaning ability. If you have a powerful enough cleaning solution you don't need to use a lot of it to clean, so very little moisture is used in the cleaning process. Not a lot of moisture means very fast dry times. Carpets dry in a matter of hours, 2 hours on average. Finally, because no soaps or toxic chemicals are used no dirt attracting residues are left behind. This means you carpets stay cleaner longer.

So why don't all carpet cleaners use hot carbonation to clean? Because Chem-Dry holds the patents that make it possible. 

For carbonated carpet cleaning in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.