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Carpet Cleaner Rental Tampa FL

This video instructs you on how to use the Rug Dr. Carpet Cleaner machine.  The Rug Dr. is the most popular carpet cleaner rental machine around.  Before  I was a professional carpet cleaner in Tampa FL I used this particular carpet cleaner rental many times in my own home. I can tell you with some patience and effort you can achieve good carpet cleaning results with it. After you get your first room clean you will have figured out the nuances of this machine and things will start to move faster.  For a 3 room carpet cleaning plan to spend a few hours getting the carpets cleaned, also anticipate the time it takes to pick up and return the carpet cleaner.  

Make sure to take your time and move slowly as you clean and keep an eye on the fill tank and the solution tank. You should fill and empty them at the same time to avoid running the machine dry or flooding the fill tank. 

If using a carpet cleaner rental to do your own carpets seems like to much work then consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner to come in and do the cleaning for you.  Yes, it will cost more but you won't have to do the work. The real benefit is that if you're not happy you can them clean it until you are.   

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