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Carpet Cleaning Land O' Lakes FL

Carpet Before Grooming of Cat HairCarpet Ater Grooming for Cat Hair

These pictures are from a residential carpet cleaning in Land O' Lakes FL. The picture on the left shows you how much cat hair was pulled from down deep on the carpet. Keep in mind that room was vacuumed before it was cleaned.  Even a strong commercial vacuum cleaner not all the cat hair could be pulled up. After carpet cleaning with Chem-Dry's Hot carbonated extraction process the cat hair was pulled to the surface but not all of it was extracted. The picture on the left shows the remaining cat hair on the surface of the carpet 

The picture on the right shows what the carpet looked like after it was raked and the surface cat hair was removed. All of the cat hair in the carpet was pulled out and removed by this two step carpet cleaning process. 

Pet hair in the carpet is one of the major reason why your carpet can smell like your family pet.  Dog and cat odors can emanate from the pet hair that is deep down in your carpet where your vacuum can't reach. With a good professional carpet cleaning from Chem-Dry of Tampa you can get rid of the pet hair and the odor all at once.

With all the humidity in Land O' Lakes FL this customer also had their carpet pet deodorized to ensure that the pet smell was completely gone. Chem-Dry of Tampa offers pet hair removal services along with sanitizing and deodorizing with your carpet cleaning. You can have your carpet refreshed without worrying about lingering pet odors after it dries.

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