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Carpet Cleaning Machines Tampa FL

I had to post this video about carpet cleaning machines because the sales guy has left out a few very important cost associated with renting a carpet cleaning machine. The costs are much higher than what he is leading you to believe. With several years of experience as a professional carpet cleaner in Tampa FL I can tell you that $89.00 for 2 rooms and hallway is a great deal. This sales guy in this video is actually trying to sell you on the carpet cleaning solution. It retails for $24.99 for 8oz on his website listed in the video. So keep in mind that he is not a professional carpet cleaner, if he was a carpet cleaner he would talk more about the carpet cleaning machine he rented.

He is using a Thermax low pressure (60psi) hot water extractor. The Thermax is a great little work horse as far as carpet cleaning machines go but if you want to compare it to a professional carpet cleaning machine it has a lot of weaknesses: not enough, heat, pressure, or suction to effectively clean carpets. In Tampa FL the primary soil extracted from carpets is sand and the Thermax just doesn't have enough suction to remove embedded sand in carpets. Compared to other rental carpet cleaning machines it's pretty good because it has a heating element and comes with a proper extraction wand.

The total cost for his two rooms and a hallway carpet cleaning is broken down below:

Carpet cleaning machine rental - $21.00

Carpet cleaning solution purchased - $24.99 + shipping $14.00

Total time for prep, cleaning, and breakdown is about 5 hours, total labor cost @ $10.00/ hr is - $50.00

Total cost - $109.99

In the end the only savings you get is $50.00 for your labor. That sounds reasonable but you just used up 5 hours of your time and didn't get a professional clean from a high powered carpet cleaning machine that does a better job and dries faster. My recommendation is save yourself the labor and splurge on the extra $50.00 for a truly professional clean.

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