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Carpet Cleaning Sanitizer Tampa FL

This video discusses some of the benefits of having your carpet cleaned with a sanitizing agent to kill bacteria viruses and mold spores.  Most professional carpet cleaners, like Chem-Dry of Tampa FL, offer some type of carpet cleaning service that includes the application of a sanitizing agent. 

If you feel that your carpet is in need of disinfecting I recommend staying away from over the counter solutions that claim to disinfect carpets. According to the EPA only hard surfaces can be disinfected. Carpets and soft fabrics can only be disinfected if they are completely submerged. You can disinfect many things by washing them in a washing machine and using chlorine bleach, which is an incredibly strong disinfectant. So things that are labeled carpet cleaning disinfectant are not following the EPA guidelines and cannot substantiate their claims.

When it comes to carpet you can get them sanitized so that bacteria molds and viruses can be greatly reduced or nearly eliminated on your primary carpet surface. This is not something that I would suggest trying on your own because there are a lot of different sanitizers on the market and each requires a specific application and most require cleaning after being applied. Yo'u can call a professional carpet cleaner in Tampa FL to see if they offer carpet sanitizing as a part of their carpet cleaning service. Don't be afraid to ask questions about the type of sanitizer they use and any risks that may be associated with them. If the person about to sanitizer your carpet can't answer your questions I wouldn't allow them to perform the sanitizing service. Find a professional that understands what they are using and how it works for your particular needs.

If you want a carpet cleaning with sanitizer in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.