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Carpet Cleaning Solution Tampa FL

Okay, here's another one of those DIY carpet cleaning solution videos that put your carpet at risk. I'm a professional carpet cleaner in Tampa FL and I have been using commercial carpet cleaning solutions in homes and businesses all over Tampa. I am adamantly opposed to these videos where someone without a chemistry degree is showing you how to make a carpet cleaning solution with cheap soaps from the dollar store.  

I'm not worried about losing business to these types of videos, but I am concerned about having to fix what these homemade carpet cleaning solutions do to my customer's carpets.  I don't think the host of this video is a chemist and I don't trust the ingredients he's using.  I have been in several Tampa FL homes where a homemade carpet cleaning solution has destroyed the carpet.  The Totally Awesome line of cleaners have destroyed so much carpet I don't even know where to begin. Just don't use it in your carpet cleaning machine.

Another factor that is never mentioned in these videos is that your carpet cleaning machine could be damaged by these DIY carpet cleaning solutions. If you use a cleaning solution in your machine thats not recommended by the manufacturer it will void your warranty on the carpet cleaning machine.  The manufacturer's cleaning solution is designed for their machine to maximize cleaning power. Anything else used in the machine is not going to be as effective at cleaning carpet. My advice is to stay away from DIY carpet cleaning solutions.

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