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Carpet Cleaning Solution Tampa FL

This video shows you how to use resolves at home carpet cleaning solution for heavy traffic areas. This carpet cleaning solution product has some pluses to it but it also has some draw backs as well. Resolve is well known for their spray on carpet spot remover and some of their specialty products for carpet care. As a professional carpet cleaner in Tampa FL I have a lot of customers that use resolve on their carpet. Every time they use it to remove stains a new stain appears about two weeks later. The new stain is created by the left over carpet cleaner that is still in the carpet.  Resolve spot remover will get stains out but it creates new ones as well.

This product is a little different it's an encapsulation product that uses a carpet cleaning solution that encapsulates the fibers and removes them when the carpet is vacuumed. In other words this is a two step process. First you have to apply the solution and then wait for it to dry. After it has dried you vacuum the area to remove the encapsulated soil. It's the same technology as carpet shampooing and has been around for years.  

Over time the encapsulation material will build up in your carpet and will need to be extracted by a professional carpet cleaner. I would recommend a steam cleaner or some other carpet cleaning system that involves extraction. You should have it professionally cleaned about once a year while using this product.

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