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Carpet Cleaning Specials Tampa FL

I had to post this video because consumers should be aware of carpet cleaning specials that are too good to be true. As a carpet cleaning professional in Tampa FL I can tell you that bait and switch advertising for carpet cleaning happens all the time. Beware of ads and coupons that seem unreasonably low. Here are some examples of coupons I have received in Tampa FL: $10.00 a room, $99.00 whole house cleaning, 5 rooms for $79.00. All of these coupons are not valid offers. They are  designed to lure you into to making an appointment only to find out that the coupon you want to use is not valid, or some how doesn't apply to your carpets. 

So what do you do when this happens to you. Send them packing. Simply thank them for their time and send them on their way. If suddenly agree to the carpet cleaning special I would still pass on having them clean. A professional carpet cleaner would not stay in business very long with those prices. They probably aren't a professional cleaner and would only ordinary tap water to clean your carpet. You just wouldn't get a good cleaning from someone charging so little. 

So what should you expect to pay for a quality carpet cleaning? In Tampa FL expect to pay between $40- $50 a room for a quality carpet cleaning that includes: vacuuming, pre-sprays, Steam cleaning, and post grooming. A quality basic carpet should include all those steps. If your carpet cleaner doesn't start the cleaning process with a good a dry vacuum then send them on their way. 

If your looking for a quality Carpet cleaning in Tampa FL Call Chem-Dry of Tampa.