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Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

This carpet cleaning video by OxyClean shows you haw to remove carpet spots and spills from your carpet. As a professional carpet cleaner in Tampa FL I have been in many homes where they have used OxyClean to remove spots on their carpet. It seems to do a good job on the surface soil and can be used on several different spills. Keep in mind that OxyClean is a oxygen bleach and there are several other oxygen bleaches out in the consumer market place. Clorox makes an oxygen bleach and so does Ajax to name a few. These products are basically Sodium Carbonate and hydrogen Peroxide so it can change the color of your carpet if your not careful. Using to much powder and not enough water can result in color loss in your carpet. There is also the risk of residual powder left in the carpet if you do not remove it all the way. Because of the hydrogen peroxide I would be cautious about using any oxygen bleach on my carpet.

I prefer to use Oxygen bleaches on stubborn grout stains in the shower and bath.  You can mix a pretty strong paste using an Oxygen bleach and water and spread it on your grout lines. Then wait about 20 mins for it to clean the grout lines. The nyou can use a mop and bucket to clean the paste up and let it dry out. Some people will wait until the paste dries into a powder and vacuum it up so there is they don't have to mop it up. Either way will help clean your grout.

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