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Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

This video showcases Chem-Dry of Tampa FL carpet cleaning machine, The XTS rotational extractor. The XTS is a powerful carpet cleaning machine that utilizes on location suction. With the vacuum blower sitting on 4 inches from the carpet it maximizes the power of the vacuum at the point of extraction. In other words, there is virtually no loss of suction because the vacuum is as close to the carpet as possible.  

In most professional carpet cleaning systems the carpet technician is cleaning in the home while the vacuum unit is located out in the truck about 100 feet away. The vacuum unit on the truck has a lot of power at the vacuum unit itself but as it gets further away it starts to lose suction do to airflow friction in the hose. The XTS carpet cleaning machine seen the video has no loos of suction because the vacuum is at the location where the cleaning is happening. This means you get excellent suction and fast dry times.

If your want a great carpet cleaning with unbelievable dry times then this is the right carpet cleaning company for you. Chem-Dry of Tampa FL uses the XTS to clean carpet and upholstery, providing you with an amazing carpet cleaning experience. In the end of the video you can see that even though the carpet looked fairly clean and waste going into the bucket was a dark color and carried a lot of dirt.

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