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Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

There are a lot of carpet cleaning companies in Tampa FL to choose from.  There are national branded carpet cleaners and small mom and pop cleaners as well.  When deciding what company to use think about what you want most from a carpet cleaning service. Boil it down to what you need to get cleaned and how you would like to clean it.

There are a lot of carpet cleaning methods out there, such as: steam cleaning, carpet shampooing, and dry method cleaning. Each carpet cleaning method has it's strengths and weaknesses to be considered.  I've been cleaning carpet in Tampa FL for years and I have used several methods for cleaning both residential and commercial carpets. I can tell you that in the end what matters is how satisfied the customer is with their entire cleaning experience.  

Steam cleaning is the most popular method of carpet cleaning and is recommended by most carpet manufacturers but it can require a lot of water being sprayed into your carpet. The more water the longer the dry time and a greater chance of water related issues in your home. Carpet shampooing, called encapsulation carpet cleaning, is very popular for commercial carpets. I don't recommend carpet shampooing for your home because it does leave residues that can build up over time and make it more difficult to get the carpet clean down the road. Dry carpet cleaning is the least effective cleaning method but it does have the benefit of being completely dry and eliminating water related risks. The draw back with a dry method is left over powders in your carpet. Even with  an extremely powerful vacuum you can only remove 80% of the powder in the carpet. The other 20% builds up in the carpet and can be a dirt attracting residue.

All in all each method can clean your carpet but what consider what is most important to you. Take your time and select a carpet cleaning company that offers what you need to be a satisfied customer.

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