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Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

If you need your office carpet cleaned consider using Chem-Dry of Tampa FL for an amazing carpet cleaning that dries incredibly fast. Our encapsulation cleaning does an amazing job on tough soils and spots.  It's a low moisture cleaning that dries in about an hour and stays cleaner longer than traditional steam cleaning.  

Encapsulation cleaning has been around for more than 50 years and has recently gone through a resurgence in the commercial carpet cleaning market. Encapsulation, sometimes called Encap, cleaning is a done by adding a cleaning solution to the carpet and brushing it into place with counter rotating brushes.  As the encap solution coats the carpet fibers it encapsulates the soils and suspends in a polymer that hardens as it dries. After the carpet has dried completely an vacuum cleaners is run over the carpet removing all the suspended soils from the carpet.  One of the benefits of encap carpet cleaning is that the carpet will continue to get cleaner as the carpet is vacuumed more and more.  It's not unusual for a client to call us weeks after the carpet cleaning and let us know that the carpet seems to be getting cleaner as time goes on.

In Tampa FL encap carpet cleaning is popular for it's fast dry times. The humidity in Tampa can create problems for steam cleaning in commercial work spaces.  Businesses cannot afford to have wet carpets during business hours. Long dry times might make it difficult to effectively clean carpets in off hours when businesses are shut down. Encap carpet cleaning is perfect for this. Fast and effective. In most cases the carpet is dry before we are done cleaning.

For carpet cleaning in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.