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Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

I posted this video because I like some of the things this quick dry carpet cleaner says. I'm not particularly thrilled with his carpet cleaning method but I'll explain that a little later.  A lot of people here in Tampa FL have dealt with bait and switch advertising for carpet cleaning. I see road signs all over the place advertising $99 whole house carpet cleaning, or $10 a room carpet cleaning. These are bait and switch signs advertising extremely low prices that lure you in with the promise of an amazing deal.  The only problem is that there is no deal at all.  They are betting on the fact that you will pay extra for added services.  They are planning to hard sell you on spot cleaning or pre-spraying.  These are things that should be included.  At Chem-Dry of Tampa FL we include everything in our pricing with two exceptions.  If you want stain resistance or your carpet sanitized those are added costs. everything else is included.  

As far as this carpet cleaners method of cleaning.  The type of carpet cleaning in the video is called bonnet cleaning.  It involves pre-spraying the carpet with a cleaning solution and using bonnet style carpet pads to buff the carpet and remove soils.  This is a very low moisture carpet cleaning method that dries quickly. Chem-Dry used to be a bonnet cleaning system, but we have evolved to a low moisture steam cleaning systems that is 66% more effective at cleaning carpet. We only use Chem-Dry's hot carbonated extraction cleaning. It's extremely effective at removing soils and dries in a matter of hours.

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