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Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

I love that someone is out there testing these DIY carpet cleaning solutions to see if they work. I'm a carpet cleaner in Tampa FL and I have probably watched over 1000 DIY carpet cleaning videos. Some have merit and some are down right dangerous. This method of using a hot iron as a catalyst to speed up a chemical reaction is used by professional carpet cleaners to remove carpet stains.  The problem with this video is you need at least two chemicals mixed together to create a reaction that can be sped up by adding heat.  Water and ammonia are not reactive when mixed together so their is no reaction to speed up and remove stains from the carpet.

While removing carpet stains for my Tampa FL customers I use stain remover that requires heat to speed up a stain removing reaction and it works amazing well, but ammonia and water just don't cut it. I really appreciate this pin busting video showing that although some of the discoloration is removed the primary stain was not removed from the carpet. Carpet stains happen when the carpet fiber's color is actually changed. Basically, stains happen when the carpet has dyed by a stain agent.  The dye sites of the carpet fiber have to be opened the stain has to be removed so the original carpet color is visible again.  This can be done with the right carpet cleaning solutions and proper tools. IF? you live in Tampa FL I can help.

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