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Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

If you need carpet cleaning in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa. This is a picture from a recent Chem-Dry carpet cleaning of some stairs. As you can see by the right side of the photo there is heavy soil that has been built up from constant use. With some effort and the right solutions that soil can be stripped away so the original color can be seen.  The left side of the photo shows the after carpet cleaning success. The color of the carpet shows through clear and bright.

This picture shows a carpeted stair step that has unusually heavy soil. This not the normal type of soiling seen on most carpeted steps. Although, carpet stairs take more abuse then most other carpeted areas in your home they can still be thoroughly cleaned with some extra effort. 

If you have stairs in your home remember to add them to your regular vacuuming routine.  A little bit of maintenance can waylay a lot of soil build up. In Tampa FL we get a lot of sand in our homes and carpet.  Sand does double the damage. It grinds away at the bottom of the carpet fibers, much like sand paper. It also dose not emulsify, or turn to liquid when wet. This makes it extremely difficult for professional carpet cleaners to remove. That's why it's so important in Tampa FL and other south eastern cities to make sure and vacuum often.

For Carpet Cleaning in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.