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Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

This Home Depot video shows one of their rental carpet cleaning machines from the Rug Doctor. Before I became a professional carpet cleaner In Tampa FL I used to rent these machines to clean the carpets in my home. About once a year I would look at the carpet and say “it’s time to rent a carpet cleaning machine, and do these carpets.” I would go to home depot or the local grocery store and rent a carpet cleaning machine and buy a jug of carpet cleaning solution.

After getting home I would go about getting everything ready. I would haul the machine in and clean it, because the previous renter returned it without rinsing it out. Then I would make the cleaning solution and fill the machine. Then I was ready to go.

I would start in one room cleaning diligently and methodically by make straight line passes across the living room floor. After I would get 1/3 of the way through the room I would have to empty the waste tank and make more solution. By the time I finished the 3rd room 3 and ½ hours had gone by since I started my DIY carpet cleaning, but I still had 1 room to go. I would push forward by reminding myself how much money I was saving by cleaning it on my own, or was I?

Let’s look at the numbers shall we:

Carpet cleaning machine rental - $29.99

Rug Doctor carpet cleaning solution - $19.99 (enough to clean 4 rooms)

Sales tax in Tampa FL - $3.85

Man hours for prep, cleaning, and pickup/return – 6hrs and 20mins total time - $126.60 ($20/hr)

Total cost - $185.43

 The main benefit is that your labor is free and that is a significant savings if you don’t feel like your time is $20.00/hr then you would be saving even more money.  Keep this in mind though, for $160.00 you can get 4 rooms cleaned in 1 and ½ hours with professional carpet cleaning equipment by a trained professional and you don’t have to do a thing. Sounds like a bargain.

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