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Carpet Cleaning for Babies Tampa FL

Okay, this video is fairly interesting and very misleading.  I found this video called " Carpet Cleaning for Babies" on Youtube. The video is pretty simple and has no real audio but the the title struck me.  I'm a carpet cleaner in Tampa FL and I boast about our green certified carpet cleaning that is safe for your entire family, which is true. The video description is very misleading. It says that not only does he clean carpet but he sanitizes them too. It's an added service that I offer my customers every day but the video description says that he sanitizes the carpet by using steam at 220 degrees.  The problem is that wont kill the majority of the bacteria in your home. 

For steam to kill bacteria it has to be kept a high temperatures for a longer period of time.  Steam cleaning at 220 degrees will kill some bacteria in the carpet but most bacteria will survive a steam cleaning because the steam cools too quickly once it hits the carpet. In The video the carpet cleaner is moving the carpet cleaning wand much to fast to effectively kill bacteria in the carpet.  

When I'm in a Tampa FL home carpet cleaning for babies I use a biological sanitizer that kills 99.9% of bacteria and flu viruses. the sanitizer is sprayed into the carpet and brushed into place to ensure full coverage.  I let it dwell for 20 minutes and then clean the carpet. This kills the majority of the bacteria in the carpet because that's what its designed to do. 

For baby safe carpet cleaning in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.