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Carpet Deodorizer Tampa FL

This video about powder carpet deodorizers is spot on.  In Tampa FL I get called ot a lot of homes that have odor issues. Whether the odors are from pets or another source powder deodorizers don't work. They don't eliminate the odor source so they become a stop gap measure that lasts a few days and then starts to smell all over again. 

Most store bought carpet deodorizers are heavily scented sprays and powders that can absorb some odors but quickly fade after they dry up or pulled from the carpet by vacuuming.  Many people use baking powder as a carpet deodorizer but you run into the same problem.  The odor is partially absorbed but once the baking soda is removed the odors come back.

In Tampa FL most reoccurring odor issues are from pets. Pet odors come in two varieties. There are musky pet smells that come from oils in the pets fur and then there are odors from pet deposits in the carpet and furniture.  Powder carpet deodorizers do very little to combat either of these problems. These odors need to be neutralized so they are gone for good.  Most carpet and upholstery companies in Tampa FL offer some sort of deodorizing service to combat odors in your home.  

I recommend calling a professional cleaning service or carpet cleaner to remove odors from your home.

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