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Carpet Deodorizing Tampa FL

This video on carpet deodorizing is a basic quick fix for short term deodorizing.  I remember as a young boy in Tampa FL I would open the refrigerator and see the open box of baking soda in the back of the frig.  Mom always put it there to eliminate odors and help keep food fresh.  I guess it worked pretty good because our fridge never smelled bad and I never ate sour food.  Baking soda is world-renowned for its odor-absorbing properties but it has its limitations as well. Borax, also known as sodium borate, it's a mild detergent that has salt-like properties and breaks down into boric acid. Borax is usually mixed with water and used as a cleaner.  

When it comes to odors in your carpet this powered deodorizer will only work for a short time after it has been vacuumed. You need a carpet deodorizer that has staying power. For carpet deodorizing of pet smells you will have to dig deeper. The pet odor you smell in your home comes from the oils and bacteria found in your pet's fur. To get rid of them I recommend using 2 cups of water, 6 drops of liquid dish soap, and your favorite essential oil.  Mix it all together in a spray bottle and mist it over your carpet.  The dishs soap will break down the oils and allow the essential oil to adhere to the carpet fibers. I suggest using a floor brush to work the spray into the carpet and allow it to dry.  no vacuuming necessary.

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