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Carpet Protection Services Tampa FL

This video shows how effective carpet protection is.  We offer carpet protection services in the Tampa FL area.  Our carpet protection services includes cleaning the carpet and co applying out patented Power Guard carpet protection.  It works by sealing the dye sites of the carpet or rug so the color cannot be changed or manipulated. Because we co apply it with our cleaning solution it covers the carpet fibers from top to bottom so that the carpet is protected from even the deepest messes.  

In the video the carpet protection service performed on the rug shows how water cascades off the carpet fibers and rolls tight off the edges.  The protectant in the video is a after spray Scotch Guard. It effective as a water barrier for about 3 minutes until the water begins to penetrated.  I always recommend carpet protection on every carpet cleaning service to ensure my customers get the most out of their carpet cleaning.  

For carpet protection services in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.