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Carpet Protection Tampa FL

This video on how to apply Scotch Guard carpet protection is a great example of how most carpet cleaners apply carpet protection  after the cleaning has been done.  At Chem-Dry of Tampa FL we do things a little differently.  We apply our carpet protection through our cleaning solution as we clean.  

The carpet cleaner in the video says to ask your carpet cleaner why they don't use Scotch Guard. I can tell you why we don't use it.  Scotch Guard is designed as a water proofing agent that repels water from the surface of your carpet. When it's applied like it is in the video it sits on the surface of the carpet and only protects the tips of the carpet. If something is spilled on the carpet with force, like, shoe scuffing or a dropped drink, it will disturb the fiber and hit the sides of the carpet fiber avoiding the water proofing.

At Chem-Dry of Tampa FL our carpet protection is in our cleaning and is applied to the entire carpet fiber ensuring that it covers the sides of the carpet fiber as well. Our carpet protectant works differently then a water proofing agent like Scotch Guard.  Chem-Dry's protectant is just like the stain resistance that is applied to your carpet during the manufacturing process.  It covers the entire fiber and protects the dye sites of the fiber so that it cannot be stain and soils are easily removed with a towel.  That's why we don't use Scotch Guard.  

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