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Carpet Repair Tampa FL

This video shows the process of correcting a bleach spot on a carpet. There are two ways to repair a carpet with a bleached spot.  You can dye the carpet back to its original color or you can cut out the bleached area and replace it with a another swatch of carpet.  My preferred method is to dye the carpet back to its original color.  The cut and replace carpet repair method requires that you have a swatch of the carpet to replace it with. If you do have an extra swatch it might not look the same do to carpet wear and fatigue. It can be difficult to replace the carpet and get a perfect match.

Repairing a bleached carpet by dying it is the really the best long term method.  You can account for carpet wear and fatigue when you are doing the dying.  The company that made this carpet repair video said they can mix and color because they have over 90 dyes to choose from. At Chem-Dry of Tampa FL we only need the 3 primary colors: red, green, and blue to match any carpet color.

We start by neutralizing the bleach crystals that remain in the carpet so they are no longer active. We then prep the carpet to receive the dye. Using 3 different color loss filters we can determine what colors where removed by the bleach so we can add them back in the proper ratios. Using red, blue, and green dyes we additive mix them on t he carpet until we get a perfect match.  We then heat set the dyes so they are permanent. The carpet repair is complete.

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