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Carpet Sanitizer Tampa FL


This Tampa FL home owner had a problem.  The dog she was boarding for a friend got sick and made a mess of her carpet.  She had been trying desperately to keep her carpet clean but there was little hope, because the dog was so sick.  It got so bad that home owner was at her wits end and wasn’t sure what she was going to do.  She turned to Chem-Dry of Tampa for help. Fortunately we can accommodate same day appointments. She was able to call us in the morning and have us at her home on Davis Island, cleaning by noon that day.

The biological nature of these carpet stains make them a real hazard for home owners. Biological stains are not only unsightly they are a health risk for everyone in the home. We recommended that we sanitize her carpet before removing the stains to make sure there was no harmful bacteria left behind.

Professional carpet cleaning can kill some bacteria but the hot water used to clean carpets does not stay hot long enough to kill most bacteria and viruses. It’s best to get your carpet sanitized to make sure all the biological hazards are removed.

Chem-Dry of Tampa FL uses a green carpet sanitizer that has no poisons or toxins that could be as harmful as the original biological stain.  Relying on the power of nature we use a thyme oil based sanitizer that is food grade safe. It’s rated for hospital use on soft and hard surfaces. It kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in your carpet in 30 seconds.

Don’t settle for clean carpets, get clean and healthy carpets. Have your carpet professionally sanitized during your next carpet cleaning.

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