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Carpet Sanitizing Tampa FL

After carpet cleaning for many years I can tell you that using a botanical sanitizer to kill micro organisms is the safest most effective way to sanitize your carpet. This video explains some of the benefits of using a botanical sanitizer. At Chem-Dry of Tampa FL we use a Decon 30 as our sanitizing agent.  It's extremely safe for your home and your family. It has no toxins or harsh chemicals. It's a green certified product that can be used on both hard and soft surfaces alike.

I have been using Decon 30 since I started cleaning carpets in Tampa FL and I can tell you that it's extremely effective at sanitizing carpet and upholstery.  It leaves no residues behind and has a very pleasant smell.  it uses the essential oils found in Thyme plants to kill micro organisms.  It smells a lot like Thyme and lemons. All of my Tampa FL customers love it.

If you have any biological deposits in your carpet or upholstery Chem-Dry of Tampa can sanitize and clean it to make it whole again. It's the safest most effective sanitizer on the market.  

For carpet sanitizing in Tampa FL call Chem -Dry of Tampa.