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Carpet Shampooing Tampa FL

This video showcases a consumer carpet shampooing kit.  It consists of a specialized carpet brush and an aerosol spray that you can shampoo your carpet with.  Carpet shampooing has been around since the 1950s. It has changed a little over the years but the premise is still the same. a solution is sprayed on the carpet and then agitated with a brush or carpet pad.  The solution is left in the carpet to dry and it encases the soils on the carpet fibers dehydrating them. After the moisture is pulled out of the soil its easily removed with a house hold vacuum cleaner.

Carpet shampooing is a good way to clean commercial carpet and I use it a lot to clean for my commercial clients in Tampa FL.  I don't recommend it for residential use because the shampoo builds up over time and becomes less effective at cleaning.  It works well for maintenance between professional carpet cleanings. I have no idea if the product in this video is any good but it could be worth a try.  

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