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Carpet Shampooing Tips Tampa FL

I like Reena and I think she has a lot of great home cleaning tips on her website, but I think she missed the mark with her carpet shampooing tips video. First, I think its important to understand what carpet shampooing is, or used to be, and how it differs from other carpet cleaning processes. Carpet shampooing is not steam cleaning. Steam cleaning or hot water extraction is based on hot water used at high pressure to remove soil and other debris from carpet fibers. Carpet shampooing relies on a cleaning foam to loosen soil and debris that is to be vacuumed up after it dries. Cleaning with foam keeps the amount of moisture applied to the carpet very low, so it dries quickly.

In this carpet shampooing tips video Reena's goal is to use the foam from her homemade carpet shampoo as the cleaner, but she has made some errors that will result in dirty toxic carpet spots. I have been cleaning carpets in Tampa FL and other areas for several years and I would not recommend using 3 tablespoons of dish washing soap in a  carpet cleaning solution. Dish soaps contain a lot of suffactants to help break surface tension and make soil easier to remove. These surfactants remain in the carpet and re-soil quickly. Ammonia is another no no you can do without. It's has an extremely high pH and can bleach carpet easily, not to mention it's toxic even in small amounts. So, Reena's carpet shampooing tips will eventually lead to a bunch of dirty toxic spots on her carpet. I would not recommend this carpet shampoo recipe.

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