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Carpet Specialist Tampa FL

I'm a carpet specialist in Tampa FL and I use a rotating extractor much like the one in the video. The rotating extractor in the video does a great job of agitating the carpet while making multiple cleaning passes giving you a better carpet cleaning.  

I have been using a rotating extractor for 6 years and I can tell you it is a much much better cleaning than nay wand cleaning out there.  It's like having 5 guys cleaning your carpet at once.  Not only does it do a better job of cleaning it also speeds up the cleaning process making for a smaller service window and faster dry times.  

The other tool used in the video is a subsurface spot extractor.  It's great for removing soils that have gone beyond the carpet fibers and have penetrated the backing and the pad underneath.  They are mostly used to remove pet urine stains and other big spills, like a bottle of wine.  The video shows some tools that are used by carpet specialist who want ot offer the best cleaning possible.  

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