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Carpet Stain Remover Tampa FL

You gotta love Martha Stewart. She has a product for everything. As good as this stain remover looks it must not have caught on because I can't seem to find it anywhere online or the usual store outlets. Martha is known for selling home goods and how to tips for crafts and decorating. I'm not sure why this product is no longer on the market, but as a carpet cleaner in Tampa FL I can recommend and excellent and carpet stain remover.  Chem-Dry's World Famous Spot Remover is a green certified stain remover that works great on carpet and upholstery.  

The World Famous spot remover relies on the carbonation and some emulsifiers to get stains out of your carpet with soaps or detergents. It's powerful bubbling action removes tough stains without damaging colors or materials.  I use it on carpet, upholstery, wool rugs, and even clothing. Cleaning with no soaps or detergents means there are no dirt attracting residues left behind. That means once your stain is gone it's gone for good.

In Tampa FL if you would like a bottle of Chem-Dry's World Famous Spot Remover call Chem-Dry of Tampa.

Chem-Dry of Tampa FL carries the best carpet stain remover.