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Carpet Steam Cleaning Tampa FL

This video shows a traditional carpet steam cleaning at a restaurant. It can be a misleading so I wanted to clarify how steam cleaning carpet does not really involve steam as much as hot water. Believe it or not steam is not an effective cleaner.  Steam is a lot of heat with very little moisture.  As a matter a fact there is too little moisture to be an effective cleaning agent on soft surfaces.

So what is carpet steam cleaning?  It's actually hot water extraction. Hot cleaning solution, a lot of times just water, is sprayed into the carpet and then extracted by a vacuum. In this video of a commercial carpet steam cleaning the cleaning technician is using hot water extraction, not steam.  Look closely at the end of the wand and you can see the hot water being sprayed on the carpet.  There is a little steam coming off the hot cleaning solution but steam is not cleaning the carpet. The wand then extracts the hot water and the soil in the carpet with a powerful vacuum.

So now that you know that carpet steam cleaning is actually hot water extraction, you should also know its the most effective carpet cleaning possible. Chem-Dry of Tampa FL offers carpet steam cleaning with a low moisture hot carbonated solution that dries quickly.  It's the best way to effectively clean your carpet without having to wait days for it to dry.

For carpet steam cleaning in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.