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Carpet Steam Cleaning Tampa FL

Okay, I had to share this video of a guy using a steamer to clean the carpet. When we talk about carpet steam cleaning this is not what we are talking about.  In the video, they are using heat, moisture, and agitation to emulsify a urine stain.  The urine seems to disappear once the steam brush goes over it serval times.  The urine is no longer visible in the carpet because the urine has been pushed deeper into the carpet backing. When you add heat and pressure to the urine spot with extraction then the urine has nowhere to go except deeper into the carpet.   

More traditional carpet steam cleaning involves no steam.  That's right when a professional steam cleaner cleans your carpet they are not using actual steam to clean. They are using really hot water applied at high pressure to remove dirt and soil from your carpet. Professional carpet steam cleaning also uses extraction to remove the urine spot after it has been broken down by the hot pressurized water.  

The type of steam cleaner in the video is not designed to be used effectively on the carpet and over time will create more problems than it solves. Urine stains in carpet need to be treated and neutralized with a product designed to remove urine.  It should also be extracted from the carpet after being treated.  This video mentions nothing about extraction or where the urine has gone too.  

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