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Cheap Area Rug Cleaning Tampa FL

We're all for finding a cheap area rug cleaning process to save money, but this is simply the worst way to clean an area rug. We're not sure where to start on the number of ways this rug is getting damaged by this process.  I guess we can start with pressure. At Chem-Dry of Tampa FL we never use high pressure to clean an area rug, no matter what value of the rug is.  Cleaning with this type of high pressure can easily separate a rug from backing or damage the weave of the rug. High pressure cleaning like this only leads to a damaged rug. Secondly, we're pretty sure the solution (soap) that is coming out of the car wash sprayer is not meant to be used on soft dyed materials like wool or cotton.  The pH of these soaps could damage the color of the rug by forcing colors to migrate to different areas causing irreversible damage. At Chem-Dry of Tampa FL we only use solutions with a neutral or lower pH to clean rugs. This way can ensure we are cleaning it safely while removing as much soil as possible. Cheap area rug cleaning is possible but it could cost you your rug. We highly recommend using a professional rug cleaning company to safely clean and dry your area rugs.

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