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Cheap Carpet Cleaning Company Tampa FL

If you're searching for a cheap carpet cleaning company in Tampa FL you might be looking for the wrong type of carpet cleaner. This video shows a great example of what you get with a cheap carpet cleaning company. A lot of discount carpet cleaners advertise extremely low rates for their services and some will even clean at those rates, but buyer beware. Most those companies are not doing quality cleaning and can actually make your carpet worse instead of better.

When you hire a cheap carpet cleaning company you get an underpaid carpet cleaning technician who is not eager to do a really good job. You also get very little cleaning solution and a ton of water pumped into your carpet and carpet pad. To make up for cheaper less effective cleaning solutions and equipment they pump in water at high pressure in hopes of blasting the soil from your carpet. Your carpet might even look cleaner after they are done cleaning. But with that much water, about 10-15 gallons per room, they are just forcing the dirt downward into the carpet and pad. This cause excess moisture to slowly dry out wicking soil and dirt back into your carpet fibers. This also creates a hot bed for mold and bacteria to take root.

That's what happened in this video. The cheap carpet cleaning company cleaned very little and made the carpet look even worse. This doesn't mean that you have to go with the most expensive carpet cleaning company. Just take your time and find a quality carpet cleaning company.

Call Chem-Dry of Tampa FL, a quality carpet cleaning company.

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