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Chem-Dry of Tampa Reviews Tampa FL

If you're looking for a carpet cleaner in the Tampa Bay area give Chem-Dry of Tampa a call. We do an amazing job cleaning carpet, upholstery, and tile. We are a green certified company that uses carbonation to clean. Our cleaning solution, The Natural, has no harsh chemicals, toxins, or any abrasive cleaners. Only pure hot carbonated solution that leaves no sticky residue behind.

Wonder if carbonation is powerful enough to clean soft surfaces in your home? It's so powerful that we use 1/5 the cleaning solution other steam cleaners use, and we get a better clean. Using less cleaning solution means your carpet and upholstery dry fast. The surfaces we clean dry in hours not days. This means you can have your carpets cleaned in t he morning and in a few hours you can be laying on your clean dry carpet.

Still not sure carbonation is powerful enough to remove tough dirt and grime from your carpet or upholstery? Check out our verified review page posted by our customers.

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