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Cleaning Dog Urine from Carpet Tampa FL

This video for cleaning dog urine from carpet is doing a lot of the things that I always tell my customers to do when their dog pees in the carpet.  I clean carpets in Tampa FL and I have a 95lb dog at home, so I know a great deal about cleaning dog urine from carpet.  I, of course, use professional equipment to get dog urine from carpet but most dog owners do not.  I recommend some of what this video tells you about cleaning dog urine from carpet but I have some minor changes.

Speed is essential. I recommend getting to the dog urine as fast as possible. The quicker you get to it the better.  Once it dries in the carpet it becomes a lot more difficult to deal with. I suggest if you have dry dog urine in your carpet to contact a professional carpet cleaner who knows has experience cleaning up dog urine. To go along with the getting to the pee spot quickly I recommend using ordinary tap water without the vinegar to wash out the urine.  If you have quick access to sparkling, or carbonated water that works even better.

Like the video above I suggest pouring the water from the outer edge inward to contain the urine in a smaller spot.  Then take a clean white towel and blot up the diluted urine from the carpet. Take another clean white towel place it over the spot and stand on it for 30 seconds to remove more of the urine. Then take one more towel, place it on the spot and weight it down for a few hours.  This should remove most of the urine and be left to dry out the rest of the way on its own. If it dries with and discoloration it might be time to call in a professional carpet cleaner.

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