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Cleaning tips: Vacuuming Your Carpet Tampa FL

Here is another carpet cleaning tip from Chem-Dry of Tampa FL.

If you clean once a week:

Don’t speed through vacuuming your carpet. If you vacuum too quickly your vacuum a chance does not have a chance to extract the deep down dirt in your carpet.

Consider moving over an area twice with a slow deliberate motion to ensure you’re getting full coverage of the carpet. 

As you vacuum overlap your strokes to pick up dirt that was loosened up by the previous pass. This will ensure your removing the maximum amount of dirt.

Go over the same are in two different directions to ensure you’re getting dirt from every angle.

Make sure not to go over the same area too many times.  Your vacuum is rough on the carpet fibers and can damage them if it is left running in the same spot for too long.

We hope these tips help in your regular vacuuming routine. Chem-Dry of Tampa FL always dry vacuums your carpet before doing our deep down hot carbonated extraction.

If you need professional carpet cleaning call Chem-Dry of Tampa today.