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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Brandon FL

These before and after photos are from a commercial carpet cleaning in Brandon FL. I clean for this bakery on a regular basis. They get a ton of traffic on their two carpeted areas that are surrounded by tiles. Anytime you have carpeted areas that are surrounded by hard surfaces you are going to have a lot of soil that is deposited in the carpet. Over time that soil builds up in the traffic lanes and dulls the appearance of the carpet. You can see in the before photo the dull path right down the middle of the isle. After a good commercial carpet cleaning by Chem-Dry of Tampa the carpet looks even and refreshed.  

On tougher carpet soil, like this one, we use our hot carbonated extraction cleaning process to breakdown the layered soil making it easier to remove. Our powerful rotating extractor removes the deep down dirt without leaving behind and dirt attracting residues. That means this bakery's carpet will stay cleaner longer. We mainly clean carpet in Tampa FL but we also clean in the surrounding areas like Brandon FL.

For commercial carpet cleaning in Brandon FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.