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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Brandon FL

This video is a quick snippet of what goes into cleaning a heavily soiled commercial carpet in Brandon FL. There are several steps to  getting a commercial carpet really clean. The first step is to do a basic vacuum of the entire carpeted area. Then pre-spray the traffic lanes and any other heavily soiled areas. If the soil is real heavy we rake the carpet with a grooming rake to break up and emulsify the dirt and grime. If there are heavy stains we start with a wand to remove the first layer of soil. 

Now its time to bring out the big guns. Using the XTS rotational extractor we pulled the embedded soil from deep in the carpet. In this particular restaurant we we made three passes to get it deep down clean, but we were able to restore the carpet back to like new condition. Even with three passes the carpet dried in a few hours instead of being super soaked.  You can see in the video the extracted waste solution being pumped into the holding tank. Hot carbonated extraction can remove deep soil giving your commercial space a bright new look and feel. 

If you have a commercial space or restaurant that has carpeted areas consider getting them cleaned about every 3 to 6 months to keep up with the higher than normal traffic. The cost of maintenance is a lot less then the cost of replacing heavily soiled carpet. 

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