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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

This video shows the amount of work that goes into some commercial carpet cleaning jobs. The video shows Chem-Dry of Tampa cleaning the carpet for a Tampa FL restaurant. The carpet is surrounded by tile on all side, so it gets a lot of soil build up from repeated foot traffic.  

The video shows the different steps that were taken to clean out the built up grime on this particular glued down carpet. The carpet was vacuumed and then pre-sprayed to loosen the soil. Then it was brushed to make sure most of the soil was broken down. Brushing a pre-spray is not a normal step in the cleaning process but it was necessary for this particular commercial carpet cleaning. To further break up the layered soil the carpet was first cleaned with a cleaning floor wand. This allowed for extra agitation on the carpet. The final step in this particular cleaning was to use Chem-Dry's XTS cleaning platform.  This heavy duty cleaning unit can be used to clean both residential and commercial properties. It use a rotating head that has 5 sprayers and 5 extractors to make multiple passes over the carpet. It's like having 5 carpet cleaning technicians working on your carpet at the same time. 

In the video you can see the extracted cleaning solution, or waste water, being pumped into the holding tank on the truck. The waste water is almost black as it's pumped into the holding tank. In the end this Tampa FL restaurant was completely clean and ready for business in just a few hours.

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