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Commercial Tile And Grout Cleaning Tampa FL

I've done a lot of commercial tile and grout cleaning in Tampa FL, but I have never seen it done like they in this video.  Commercial kitchens are loaded with dirt and grime on the floor.  Most of the time they are cleaned with some bleach water and a dirty mop when the kitchen closes for the day.  

At Chem-Dry of Tampa FL, we use a high-pressure cleaning method that blasts through the grease build up and caked-on soil. In the video, the floor cleaner is mopping on a semi-commercial cleaning product and then using a counter-rotating brush machine to scrub the floor. After the cleaning solution has been agitated it's then vacuumed up with a commercial wet floor vacuum. As you can see with some of the closeup shots the grout still looks significantly soiled.  Don't get me wrong it looks better than it did when he started but it could be much improved.

Chem-Dry of Tampa FL's tile and grout cleaning system uses a patented grout cleaning solution that loosens up the soils and eats through the grease. Then our pressure washer extractor blasts the tile and grout at 1000psi while sucking out the dirty water so it's gone for good. 

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