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Complete Carpet Cleaning Services Tampa FL

This video shows the 10 steps for a complete carpet cleaning service.  The carpet cleaning That is performed in the video is a typical steam cleaning. This is the most popular carpet cleaning method used by carpet cleaners in Tampa FL. At Chem-Dry of Tampa, we have our own proprietary carpet cleaning system that makes some of the 10 steps in the video obsolete.   

We start off with an inspection of the carpet to determine the condition of the carpet and determine heavily soiled areas.  Chem-Dry of Tampa also vacuums the carpet before it is cleaned. Removing dry soils with a commercial vacuum cleaner is a very important step that greatly improves the overall cleanliness of the carpet.  Pre-spraying the carpet involves spraying a soil emulsifier that breaks down dirt and grease so it can be easily removed.  Chem-Dry has our own proprietary pre-sprays that work great on all types of carpet. Agitation is the next step in the video, it's not always necessary except for heavy traffic areas or layered soiling. Our rotating extractor agitates as it cleans the carpet. 

Our complete carpet cleaning service includes using a commercial rotating extractor to clean the carpet. A rotating extractor cleans much better than a wand and really powers through the tough soil build-up.  We skip the fans because our cleaning solution is sprayed at low pressure and does not over-wet the carpet. Chem-Dry of Tampa does finish the carpet cleaning by grooming the carpet and performing a post-inspection of the carpet to ensure the carpet cleaned as expected.  

For a complete carpet cleaning service in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.